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Are you looking for a packaging which will fulfil high sanitary and environmental standards? Are you dealing with high protein products?

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Fruits & Vegetables

How to ensure a fresh and genuine look of fruit and vegetables without losing the attractive appearance of the product?

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Confectionery and bakery

How to preserve and prolong the taste and freshness of your products? With the correct choice of packaging!

V&T Trade Ltd.

The leading manufacturer of thermoformed plastic packaging in Bulgaria.

Sustainability and the circular economy

In response to the increased concerns in society about sustainability and the environmental impact of packaging, we are focusing our efforts to provide packaging that is effective and efficient but, at the same time, minimises environmental impact. In particular, by using recycled raw materials producing packaging that can be easily recycled.

We have implemented in our production the most advanced technologies ensuring maximised usage of recycled material, minimised energy consumption and full utilization of the waste.

The new technology allows us to process up to 100% recycled PET material for the production of super clean, 100% food grade, 100% recyclable PET sheet and packaging.

Thus, the food packaging produced by using our technology, fully comply with the latest EU requirements and trends for optimizing the use of plastics, resource efficiency and the circular economy.