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Plastics are nature friendly when they are recycled

rPET is made from recycled plastic bottles – which otherwise would end up in landfill sites or burnt as fuel.

Once plastic is made, it’s here to stay for a very long time. Finding a new life for these already-made products, however, is definitely a step in the right direction.

rPET can be recycled to its original condition. By recycling PET products, we are offering them a new life!

Recycling PET (rPET) benefits everyone

PET is the most commonly used plastic in the world, so in the fight against pollution and climate change, recycling PET (rPET) benefits everyone.

By choosing to use rPET in our products, we contribute in creating a truly sustainable circular economy and protecting the environment.

Benefits of recylced PET products

rPET has a 80% lower carbon footprint than virgin plastic. Our rPET products contain 100% recycled plastic, at the same time maintaining 100% safety for the consumer.

The amount of energy needed when creating products from rPET is significantly less than creating first-time plastics.

Foodgrade packaging without compromise

V&T Trade is a company that invests into advanced technologies for packaging with a production process that guarantees a significant reduction of the environmental impact.

The technology we use for decontamination of post-consumer recycled bottle flakes exceeds the highest food packaging standards set by EFSA and FDA regulations.

The result is a 100% food grade rPET without compromise!

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